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California Wildlife Center Reponds to Whale Stranding

By Stephany Lewis, DVM, Veterinarian In January, CWC’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team, led by Mike Remski, responded to a call about a small stranded whale on Zuma Beach in Malibu. The small whale was an adult female Pygmy Sperm Whale, CWC’s first live Whale stranding response. With the help of a team of volunteers and […]

Treating a Parliament of Owls

By Cambria Wells, Wildlife Technician   It’s the beginning of Owl breeding season, and the intensive care unit is packed with an assortment of these special birds. Owls are among CWC’s most diverse patients; they encompass some of our largest and smallest raptor patients, come from a dramatic range of habitats and circumstances, and have […]

Marine Mammal Department Braces for an Unpredictable Season

By Michael Remski, Marine Mammal Program Manager   The 2019 Sea Lion pup season is off and running here at CA Wildlife Center. Armed with a seasonal employee, a host of fresh volunteers, and a newly constructed fish preparation kitchen, we are prepared for a very successful season. A warm welcome goes out to Mackenzie Glass, […]

Mockingbirds: Masters of Mimicry, with just a Note of Mystery!

By Melissa Hartman   Mockingbirds sing one heckuva lot. You can hear them all year long, at any time of the day, compiling sequences of repeated phrases, including riffs on calls made by other bird species. Like other songbirds, Mockingbirds’ songs are used mainly for courting or to defend territory. Weighing in at a measly […]

California Wildlife Center in the Woolsey Fire

By Jennifer Brent, Executive Director On Thursday November 8th, around 3pm, one of our California Wildlife Center employees let us know that he had heard on the radio that there was a wildfire.  We called our local fire station and they said that the fire was a very long way away and it was unlikely […]

Innovative Treatment Options for California Sea Lions with Eye Injuries

by Dr. Stephany Lewis, DVM, Veterinarian This summer, CWC’s marine mammal team received several California sea lions with eye trauma, a common injury, and it is not uncommon for us to treat several pinnipeds with corneal ulcers and other corneal injuries. Therapy includes topical antibiotics (applied directly to the eye) and, occasionally, oral antibiotics and […]

The Lesson of the Lost Gull

by Corby Sandberg, Volunteer I was almost home from my volunteer shift at California Wildlife Center when, to my surprise, in the middle of a busy road in full-on five o’clock traffic, I saw a Gull walking around, seemingly lost. Instantly I pulled off the road, stopped my car, and ran over in an effort […]