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Celebrating the Newly-Rebuilt Marine Mammal Enclosures

by Heather Henderson, Stranding Coordinator On January 11, 2018 honored guests, staff, volunteers, and our first California sea lion pup patient of the season all gathered to officially unveil the new and improved marine mammal rehabilitation enclosures. We were fortunate to be joined by longtime CWC supporters, actress Shannen Doherty and Malibu City Councilmember Jefferson […]

Owl Rescued from Soccer Net

by Jennifer Brent, Executive Director The day after Christmas we received an urgent call from the folks over at Chaminade College Prep in West Hills. They had found a Great Horned Owl caught in their soccer net. Students started to cut him free but were concerned about handling the owl. We were able to send Heather Henderson from […]

CWC’s Gull Patients: An Earful

by Melissa Hartman, Administrative Assistant Of the animal patients we see at CWC, the gull is not the most universally well-regarded. Say the word seagulls to the average person, and you may elicit revulsion. Or indifference. Or resignation, as in, I should have known better than to leave my kale chips unattended while I took […]

Avian Conservation in Australia: Doing it Right

by Jennifer Brent, Executive Directors During our recent slow season, I was fortunate to be able to spend a week at Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef. As well as being a nesting spot for Loggerhead and Green Turtles, Heron Island is home to a wide variety of bird species. At certain points in the year, […]

Leaving a Legacy for Wildlife

Leaving a Legacy for Wildlife We recently received a bequest from well-respected attorney, Richard “Rick” Zamora (1964-2016). Rick split his time between El Paso, TX and Venice, CA and had a thriving practice in Texas. Rick passed away suddenly on November 29th but his legacy lives on. Through his bequest to California Wildlife Center, thousands […]

Justice Served

By Denys Hemen, Hospital Manager At CWC we have received 36 patients so far this year that have been shot by a pellet, BB, or shotgun. Last year we received 51. In all of these cases the perpetrator was never known and most of the patients had to be euthanized. The animals were found by […]

Orphan Care Unit 2017 Wrap Up

By Jennifer Guess, Senior Wildlife Technician November marks the end of baby season at California Wildlife Center (CWC).  It was another year full of energetic squirrels, curious crows, grumpy mockingbirds, and aggressive woodpeckers.  This year we had quite a busy season.  CWC took in over 275 Eastern Fox Squirrels and over 85 Virginia Opossums between […]

Looking Forward to the 2018 Marine Mammal Stranding Season – What can we expect?

By Heather Henderson, Marine Stranding Coordinator California Wildlife Center responds to reports of stranded marine mammals 365 days a year.  Due to birthing cycles and species-specific behaviors, there is a certain predictability to the stranding pattern. We use this pattern to approximate supply and personnel needs.   Pinnipeds, such as seals and sea lions, are the […]