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Exercising Raptors Back to Health

By Jennifer Guess, Senior Wildlife Technician Here at California Wildlife Center (CWC) we see a lot of raptors with severe injuries that require many weeks even months of rehabilitation. The raptor family includes all types of hawks and owls. As the birds heal inside the ICU they do not get the daily exercise they would receive […]

Crow Feather Imping

By Alyssa Schlange, Volunteer and Outreach Manager American Crow number 1476, came to us on May 13th of this year as an orphan with terrible feather quality, suggesting malnutrition due to abandonment. After three weeks of consistent care and steady weight gain the crow was still not able to fly. Dr. Duane Tom, Director of […]

Marine Mammal Season Wrap Up

By Michael Remski, Marine Program Manager Each winter, as we prepare for the upcoming marine mammal stranding season, it is impossible to accurately predict what the season will bring.  You plan for the worst, hope for the best, and try not to act surprised when things get crazy.  2017 brought us anomalies on all fronts. […]

Being an Intern at CWC

By Luis Vasquez, Seasonal Animal Care Intern If you are blessed with the time and opportunity and have a little voice inside questioning whether you should intern at CWC or not, DO IT. It is incredible how much you will take away. I interned at CWC for 10 weeks this summer and it was wonderful […]

West Nile Virus in CWC’s American Patients

By Melissa Hartman, Administrative Assistant Of all the American Crow patients we see, 15% carry the disease. In 2016, California Wildlife Center admitted 238 local American crows for a variety of reasons—chicks apparently abandoned by their parents, fledglings fallen out of a nest too high to allow them to be replaced, adults suffering from broken […]

Garbage Impacts All Kinds of Animals

By Heather Patrice Brown, Development Coordinator In April, California Wildlife Center was surprised to receive a skunk with a plastic cup stuck over his head.  Volunteer Jaana Shellock first noticed the skunk and with guidance from CWC staff, was able to capture it.  CWC supporter Rick Gunderson was kind enough to drive it to CWC […]

The Marine Mammal Department Plans for Big Changes

By Michael Remski, Marine Mammal Program Manager Looking ahead to our “off season,” (when there are few rescue calls and no animals are held on site) there are some exciting renovations planned for our marine mammal enclosure.  Since 2013, the existing structure has performed very well over its lifespan, allowing for five successful seasons of […]

My First Day Volunteering at CWC

By Cindy Tansin, Volunteer As a volunteer, my secret motivation for working at CWC was for the thrill of getting an up close sneak peek at wildlife that I would normally only get to admire from afar – if I was lucky.  I volunteered to answer phones, because that’s what was needed. A small thing, […]

With CWC, Love is Owl You Need

By Melissa Hartman, Administrative Assistant Throughout recorded history and across many cultures, the allure of owls is enduring. Few other birds have inspired so many conflicting beliefs. Owls have been both venerated and feared, considered wise by many, thought to be obtuse by others, associated with witchcraft, medicine, the weather, and even believed to foreshadow […]