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The Marine Mammal Department Plans for Big Changes

By Michael Remski, Marine Mammal Program Manager Looking ahead to our “off season,” (when there are few rescue calls and no animals are held on site) there are some exciting renovations planned for our marine mammal enclosure.  Since 2013, the existing structure has performed very well over its lifespan, allowing for five successful seasons of […]

My First Day Volunteering at CWC

By Cindy Tansin, Volunteer As a volunteer, my secret motivation for working at CWC was for the thrill of getting an up close sneak peek at wildlife that I would normally only get to admire from afar – if I was lucky.  I volunteered to answer phones, because that’s what was needed. A small thing, […]

With CWC, Love is Owl You Need

By Melissa Hartman, Administrative Assistant Throughout recorded history and across many cultures, the allure of owls is enduring. Few other birds have inspired so many conflicting beliefs. Owls have been both venerated and feared, considered wise by many, thought to be obtuse by others, associated with witchcraft, medicine, the weather, and even believed to foreshadow […]

The Malibu Community – Key in the Rescue of Marine Mammals

By Heather Henderson, Stranding Coordinator During this past fall and winter, between rescues calls for marine mammals, California Wildlife Center also worked to improve enclosure space.  Walls were built around one entire pen, to keep the pups warm during the cold spring evenings, when temperatures drop below freezing.  All the planning was well worth it, […]

Living With Animals: Over Rescue

Ken White, Board President, California Wildlife Center We are nearing the first day of Spring when, to mangle Tennyson’s lovely words, a young humaniac’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of rescuing baby birds. Say what..? Spring, the season of rebirth, and we’re already receiving calls from kind-intentioned people who’ve found baby birds, and baby squirrels, […]

Opossums: More Friend Than Foe

By Anna Noble, Administrative Assistant California Wildlife Center admits an average of 250 opossums yearly.  Of this number, 40-50 are adults, while the remainder are orphans.  Most adult opossums who are admitted have experienced bodily injury due to trapping, predation, gun shots, or encounters with vehicles on roadways.  Joeys (the word for baby opossums) that […]

Room for Swallows to Soar

By Denys Hemen, Hospital Manager Here at California Wildlife Center space has always been at a premium. As the only rehab center in Los Angeles County that rehabilitates baby songbirds, space disappears quickly in the springtime. But, anytime you get a large number of baby birds crammed into a small area many problems can arise. […]

California Wildlife Center Makes Some Shocking Improvements

By Heather Patrice Brown, Development Coordinator In December of 2016, California Wildlife Center finally bid farewell to its 64 year-old electrical panel.  This change had been a long-time coming. The main building was originally constructed in 1952 as a private  home and later became a ranger station.  In 1998, California State Parks granted CWC the […]

Show Your Support

By Development Coordinator Heather Patrice Brown Support the emergency response, transport, rehabilitative care, and release of over 4,300 sick, injured, and orphaned animal each year by making a tax deductible donation to California Wildlife Center. A gift any amount, renewable yearly, enrolls you as a member of CWC. Click here to donate today! Become a […]