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A Squirrel for All Seasons

Spring and fall are busiest times for baby squirrels By Executive Director Jennifer Brent Last year, California Wildlife Center received 486 Eastern Fox Squirrels and so far this year, we have received 414.  They are the species that we see the most at CWC (second most common is the Mallard). Why so many?  Some have […]

Green Sea Turtles Invade

CWC’s first ever rescue of a marine reptile By Marine Program Manager Jeff Hall Sea turtles are usually something you’d see if you were snorkeling in Hawaii, or maybe during a leisurely catamaran ride off the coast of southern Mexico. While there are populations of sea turtles off the coast of California, you’d have to […]

A Marine Rescue of a Different Color

by Jeff Hall, Marine Program Manager I’ve rescued hundreds….maybe even thousands of animals in my career.  From mountain lions and black bears to seals and dolphins, I’ve seen my fair share of different species and had a hand in their rescue.  Never in my career have I rescued a Green Sea Turtle, that is until […]

Snowshoes in the Summer

California Wildlife Center recently rescued a Northern Mockingbird whose feet were knuckling, meaning she was unable to open her feet to stand or perch.  This was causing the bird to have to stand on the tops of her toes which were curled under and causing her additional injury. CWC veterinary staff created “snowshoes” for the mockingbird […]

New Aviary Filled with Unkindnesses and Murders

By Development Coordinator, Heather Patrice Brown “Squawk!” “Caw-caw!” The new exterior aviary, sponsored by the Wendy McCaw Foundation, is anything but a quiet, peaceful place.  This 8’ x 16’ enclosure currently houses both a murder of American crows and an unkindness of common ravens that arrived as orphaned babies.  The aviary provides multiple perches in […]

Welcome New Staff

Volunteer and Outreach Manager By Volunteer and Outreach Manager, Trish Jackman I have really been enjoying the opportunity to get to know everyone and rediscover the city as the new Volunteer and Outreach Manager.  I have worked professionally in the animal field for over 20 years out of the area and moved back to help […]

Wild and Wonderful

By Development Coordinator, Heather Patrice Brown Join California Wildlife Center for something Wild and Wonderful! The 18th annual Wild Brunch will be held on September 25, 2016 at Gull’s Way, Malibu. Show your support for California Wildlife Center and its Wild and Wonderful animal patients.  Each year, CWC cares for over 4,300 wild animals native […]

Fur Seals of Isla Guadalupe

By Staff Veterinarian, Dr. Lorraine Barbosa This March, I had the amazing privilege of traveling to Isla Guadalupe, a small island off the coast of Baja Mexico, and the primary place in the world where the ESA-listed Guadalupe fur seal breeds. I traveled with a team of scientists from the Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas […]

2016 Year To Date Numbers

By Executive Director, Jennifer Brent It’s been business as usual at CWC this season, with injured and baby animals arriving daily.  So far, we are receiving approximately the same number of animals this year as last—1833 as of this writing. In 2015 we took in approximately 4300 animals in total and are trending to do […]