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Raptor re-nesting program

homepage_raptorrenesting story_280x115Last year, CWC began a “renesting” program with the goal of reuniting baby raptors with their parents.  To ensure a successful “renesting” outcome, we make sure we have a healthy baby and that the parents are still around – the objective being to get the two to recognize each other in the field.

After gathering the needed supplies (baby, gloves, ropes, ladder, etc.), we drive the baby to the location where it was found.  If the original nest is too tall to reach (it always is!), then we place a substitute nest in a tree nearby.  The substitute nest is simply a large laundry basket, woven with sticks and nesting material so it is comfortable for the baby.  Once the nest is affixed high up, the baby goes right in.  If the parents haven’t already heard the commotion and come right over, we then play species specific begging calls on speakers to attract them.  As soon as the parents acknowledge their baby, our job is done.

Raptors are very dedicated parents and will even (unknowingly) raise extra babies we give them!