Hundreds of pounds of trash collected from Zuma Beach

By Marine Program Manager Jeff Hall

Each year thousands of pounds of trash collect on Los Angeles County beaches.  The source of trash is litter brought to the beaches from storm drains during winter runoff, trash left behind by people visiting the beaches, and other sources such as shipping and fishing debris.

Coastal Cleanup Day is a one day worldwide event held to draw attention to the health of our beaches and waterways.  CWC hosts the Zuma Beach location each year and this year was one of the most attended cleanup days we’ve ever seen!  Over 380 people showed up to do one thing, clean the beach!  With reusable  buckets in hand the volunteers set out over the sand of Zuma Beach which extends from Westward Beach to Broad Beach, a distance of about one-and-a-half miles.  355 pounds of trash and recyclables was collected just from this beach alone.  Interesting items are always discovered and this year volunteers found floor mats from cars, a full six-pack of beer, a chair, and hundreds upon hundreds of cigarette butts.

Don’t wait for a yearly event to help keep the beaches clean.  Do your part by picking up after yourself after visiting public spaces, and pick up one piece of trash that isn’t yours.