By Hospital Manager, Denys Hemen

Glenn Ellis began her career at CWC in 2003.  After attending a presentation at the Woodland Hills Women’s Club given by CWC staff she couldn’t wait to volunteer in our baby room.  She spent one year volunteering in our nursery and caring for baby squirrels before deciding to take on the monumental task of caring for squirrels in her home.  It was a process that required permits from California Fish and Wildlife.  Glenn has been doing this now for 12 years and is currently our Squirrel Team Leader.  This “squirrel momma” takes in over 30 baby squirrels during the peak of baby season.  Some of these poor orphans are fed up to 6 times a day with 4 hours in between each feed.  These marathon days include midnight feeds and 4 am start times!  As if squirrels were not enough, in 2006 Glenn decided to throw baby raccoons into the mix, taking up to 15 of them in a single season!  When she has time this superwoman also volunteers at the West Valley Food Pantry, The Colony Theater in Burbank, and is the treasurer of the Woodland Hills Woman’s Club.  I don’t know how she does it.

Glenn has helped to save the lives of hundreds of orphaned squirrels and raccoons throughout her career.  Thank you for being such an important part of our organization and for being a kind and generous person.