2016 Year To Date Numbers

By Executive Director, Jennifer Brent

Mallards by Jeff Hall

Mallard ducklings are one of the most common species of animal CWC rehabilitates each year. Photo by Jeff Hall

It’s been business as usual at CWC this season, with injured and baby animals arriving daily.  So far, we are receiving approximately the same number of animals this year as last—1833 as of this writing. In 2015 we took in approximately 4300 animals in total and are trending to do the same this year.

While we have a huge diversity of species that we accept and care for, there are a few species that make up the majority of our animals:  squirrels, opossums, crows and ravens and ducklings.

From January 1st to May 31st we received:

  • 196 Fox Squirrels
  • 129 Virginia Opossums
  • 203 Mallards
  • 138 American Crows and Common Ravens

From the first days of spring through to the beginning of fall, we see the vast majority of our animals during the warmest months.  To help handle this influx of animals, we bring in seasonal staff, interns, externs and extra volunteers to assist the year-round staff of eleven to help intake, assess, treat, feed, clean and care for these animals. We have people on hand to receive animals from 8am to 4:30pm every day of the week, including holidays and weekends.