Welcome New Staff

Volunteer and Outreach Manager

By Volunteer and Outreach Manager, Trish Jackman

I have really been enjoying the opportunity to get to know everyone and rediscover the city as the new Volunteer and Outreach Manager.  I have worked professionally in the animal field for over 20 years out of the area and moved back to help family.  Prior to my move back home, I held the position of Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation for a center in San Diego where I oversaw the overall operation as well as a large cadre of home care and care center volunteers who along with a small staff cared for approximately 10,000 wildlife patients each year. Prior to my time at the San Diego wildlife center, I worked as a senior keeper for the San Diego Zoo, as a wildlife trainer for the Living Desert and as the Assistant Curator for Wildlife Safari in Oregon where I gained a raptor background as a back-up technician for their raptor rehab program.   In addition to my wildlife work, I was part of a Hurricane Katrina task force with San Diego Humane to help oversee operations at a rescue site in Louisiana, have presented at wildlife conferences, published a case study on an emerging disease in Cliff Swallows, and represented organizations as their media spokesperson including a recent documentary on wildlife rehab for KPBS.   Throughout my career, one of the most consistent personal rewards has been the opportunity to work side by side with volunteers.  The volunteers at CWC demonstrate the true meaning of compassion and dedication every day and I feel fortunate to be able to witness it and be a small part of it.

Administrative and Database Assistant

By Administrative and Database Assistant, Anna Noble

I have always hoped to work for an animal welfare organization, and I could not be happier to be working at CWC.  Throughout my life, I’ve been rescuing as many cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits as my circumstances would allow.  And I have always been deeply troubled by the immense suffering that is endured by wildlife, ocean life, and animals that are bred for food.  Equally troubling is the indifference to this suffering by most of society.  After coming across some YouTube videos about CWC, I was extremely moved by what I watched.  It was so wonderful to see all the birds, squirrels, possums, ducks, and more being treated with the loving care and attention that is generally only afforded to domestic animals.

Most of my previous experience has been in administrative roles on television productions.  When I learned of the opening for an administrative assistant, I knew I had to apply.  I was so happy to get the call that I would have the opportunity to work at this wonderful place!  I have never so looked forward to the first day of a job.

The best I can describe my experience of the first few weeks of this job is that I have never before witnessed so many kind and generous souls converged in one place.  It is truly a privilege to join this amazing group of people, and to have a role in giving wildlife a second chance.